Our Twitter Network

We have established one main Business Network primarily on twitter.

This network is broken down into two main strands:

  1. Our Geographical or location based Network for Businesses to engage with each other at
    national, regional and Global level.
  2. Our second Support element that is designed to support the geographical network.

Here are details and links to our various Business networks:

1. Our main Business Support Network

( #Biznet ):

This is our main business support network. It is designed to support the regional networks by sourcing
the best information and sharing this information with the regional networks. So if you have
an exceptional offer or content and want to share it, then contact us and we will share the
best information with all our regional networks via the main account.

Remember all our services are free. See more here.


Business Support Network @Bizsupportnet #Biznet #Biztips


2. Geographic Networks:

These are separate individual networks designed to connect business within their respective geographic area.

Global Network ( #Globalbiz )

This is the main network for all business Globally.
( If your business has global ambitions then network with others in a global network under the
hashtag #Globalbiz )

Global Network @GLBiznet #Globalbiz


Regional Networks

The regional specific networks are for businesses who want to engage in their own regions.
If you want to network with other business in your main region then join the regional network
under the respective hash-tag, like #EUBiz for businesses in Europe or the European Union.

Asia Business @Asianbiznett #Asiabiz
European Business @eubiz #EUBiz
South American  @SArmbiz #SABiz
African Business @Africa_Biz #Africanbiz

National Networks

The national or country specific network is for businesses who only want to engage in their own local regions.
If you want to network with other businesses locally or nationally join your national network by using the
hash tag for that national region.

USA Business @USA_Biz #USbiz
Canada Business @Canbiz #Canbiz
Australian Business @Ausbiznet #AusBiz
UK Business @ukbizz #UKbiz
Irish Business @Irish_biz #Irishbiz
Indian India Business @Indian_Biz #Indiabiz

If you would like to suggest a Hash tag for your industry or business type or wish
to provide us with other important feedback please complete our Feedback form.

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