Communications Management

Communications take up about 90% of the time of project managers. Excellent communication channels are crucial so that the flow of information is free from any obstruction. So, what is communication management? It is all about managing project information all throughout the project. This involves generation, collection, accumulation as well as the distribution of information.

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During the planning stage, communications management already determines the information needs of the stakeholders of the project. Basically, communication of information is managed from the start to the completion of the project.

For communications management to be efficient, it needs to be applied and checked on a regular basis. It follows a cycle of planning, implementing, controlling and closing of the project such that every stakeholder is informed about the progress of the project. Thus, in order for the communications management to be efficient, below are the best practices that you have to keep in mind.

Communications management needs to be planned carefully. What needs to be included in the planning phase are the stakeholders of the project information, when they need the information, and by who should the information come from. When planning for your project’s communication management, you need to document everything so that they can be stored and distributed for later.

The Information Channel

It is also important to determine how the information can be channeled to the project stakeholders in a timely manner. It also involves how the information should be stored and shared within the organization not only the written documentation but also oral communication both formal and informal.

Performance Reports

Another important aspect of communication management is to provide the stakeholders an efficient way to report the progress including forecasting. Performance reporting is crucial as it provides stakeholders information on scope, schedule, quality, and cost. Risks are also communicated with performance reporting.

Project Closure

Even when the project is over, it is important to determine how the communication should be closed. Unfortunately, project administrative closure is often a neglected part of communications management but this is a very critical part when project managers need to review and document the project results, analyze the success, and take note of the lessons learned during the project.

Following these best practices will lead your organization to have a well-structured project through consistent communications management. This means that all right information is channeled within the organization to the right people at the right time.

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