10 Powerful Business Networking Skills to Build Rapport Quickly

Source entrepreneur.com

5 Steps to Become a Dedicated Entrepreneur

Polish is a firm believer in adding lots of value to the world. While most don’t realize it, it’s the world’s most effective communicators who know how to not only use verbal and non-verbal cues to help them understand and dissect others, but also to adhere to certain principles to make rapid progress and build rapport quickly.

Considering that much of the world is out for personal gain, real networking never happens by taking. It happens by giving. And while we could likely list hundreds of reasons why it’s so important to get good at networking in business, there are essentially 5 core reasons at the heart of it. If you’ve ever had one of those friends who seems to know everyone, then you know the effectiveness in building rapport on a massive scale.

From our very good friends over at entrepreneur.com

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